Slits and florals

Summer is coming to an end which makes me terribly sad. Though I love fall fashion, summer pieces are usually more colourful, fun, and you can wear anything you want without worrying whether you’ll freeze. When I was asked to collaborate with Neroli Anonyme, a Canadian brand based in Toronto, I was excited to receive a piece from them after I checked out their website. I was very impressed by their Flow collection. I loved the minimalistic vibe from their brand, but also how fine details from the colours, pattern, cuts, straps made their pieces very chic and sexy.

When I was told they were sending me the Genevieve floral dress to review, I couldn’t wait for the parcel to arrive in the mail. It looked amazing online and I was looking forward to seeing how the dress would fit on me. I ordered my dress in a size 4 though I’m usually a 2, but according to the sizing chart I was closer to a 4 (I also wanted to be on the safe side in case the material was not forgiving). Though the size 4 fit me well, I wish I would have gone with a size 2 since it was a bit big in the bust and waist area. That’s not to say the dress doesn’t fit me well though! But if any of you watched this past Sunday’s episode of Life of Kylie (yes, I’m guilty) and saw her fitting for the MET Gala, she said she needed her Versace dress to be tighter, and more specifically to the point where it was “almost suffocating” her. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to feel that uncomfortable in their outfit, but I totally get where the girl is coming from. The feeling of your dress almost being too tight is how I was hoping the Genevieve dress would fit. I wanted it to really hug my body since it’s such a sexy piece, and was slightly disappointed when it wasn’t skin tight in a couple of places. But hey, that’s what tailors are for right?


One thing that I love about this dress is that it’s actually really comfortable. The material is on the softer side and it’s stretchy, so unlike my original prediction, it is on the forgiving side. What ultimately makes this dress so special though is the leg and bust slits. These details really make this piece a show stopper. If you’re worried about a wardrobe malfunction with the low neckline, a little bit of double sided tape will do the trick. Also, let’s talk about the pattern on this dress! The blue and orange floral combination is so eye catching and the colours are great to have in your summer-to-fall transition wardrobe. Just throw a brown or black leather jacket on top for the cooler evenings and you’re ready for a night out.


What do you think of this dress? Would you wear it? Let me know in the comments below!


A special thank you to TyMcnee for providing the photography for this post.

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