One Outfit | Two Ways (Casual and Dressy)

Ever wondered how you can get two looks from one outfit?

It all starts with finding the right accessories. For shoes, we wear heels when wanting to feel chic or elegant, and flat shoes to be casual. Understanding the “vibe” of your accessories is key when wanting to create two different statements from one outfit.

Admittedly, the blazer from this outfit is already quite dressy on its own. I wanted to create a look that was more easygoing and practical for your average day. By accessorizing it with platform flat shoes, this toned down the ensemble and made it more casual. The black tote bag is also a great addition since it’s simple and the perfect size to hold everything I need for my day.

What about dressing up the look? There is no doubt that regardless of the type of clothing you wear – whether it be jeans, shorts, skirts etc. – heels will always take your outfit to the next level. For accessories, I paired this look with a dusty rose purse, which added more colour and complemented the colour palette of the clothes. I also turned the jacket into an accessory by placing it over the shoulders rather than wearing it. I really like the edge it adds, and it shows that this jacket is a truly versatile statement piece. This look is definitely something I would wear on a date night or evening out.

Which “vibe” do you prefer, casual chic or dressy elegant? Let me know in the comments below.


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